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Oct 1, 2018 ... Tray Load drive - In a tray-loading mechanism, the disc is placed onto a motorized tray, which moves in and out of the computer. Slot Load drive ... PC manufacuters moving to thin, slot-loading optical drives - Jun 3, 2011 ... That's because manufacturers as a whole are standardizing on slot-loading optical drives, instead of the tray-loading optical drives you may be ... How to Fix a Jammed Slot-Loading CD Drive: Digital Clinic Oct 1, 2009 ... Q: My Macintosh MacBook has a slot-loading optical drive. ... A: There is no physical button or trigger like those on tray-loading drives that can ...

I am going to order an HP laptop, but have a choice between slot load and tray loading DVD-CD Burner. Cost is essentially the same. What are the...

Slot Loading Disc Drive vs. Tray Loading Disc Drive ... Pioneer used to be really popular when DVD burning really hit mainstream because of their slot load drives. It's just cool. Mechanically speaking, pretty much every car made in the last 10 years has a slot load CD drive so they are reliable. It's just not what we're used to in the PC market. Do Slot loading Transports have sonic Advantages ... Do Slot loading Transports have sonic Advantages. Hi All; Does anyone have experiences with slot loading transports. Do they offer a more stable platform? ... In my Wadia for example, the loading tray has nothing to do with the performance of the transport. Once the CD is inside the player, its lifted off the tray from the bottom up. The tray ...

Pawtec Slim External Aluminum Slot-Loading BDXL Blu-Ray Writer/Burner For PC Windows Or Apple Mac IMac MacBook (Red). Nothing can compare to the quality and storage size of a Blu-Ray. The Pawtec Slim External USB 3.0 Aluminum Slot-Loading BDXL Blu-Ray Writer / Burner is a must-have accessory for your desktop or laptop.

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Slot Loading Drives vs. Tray Loading Drives (self.xboxone) submitted 5 years ago by blinkfandangoii BlinkFandangoII I'm excited for the slot loading drive, much easier to insert and remove discs and (with kids on the way) I don't have to worry about the tray getting snapped off, etc. Slot Vs Tray Loading - Both slot and tray loading are removable