Slot it oxygen lane changer

By Author OXigen Lane changer driver for Ninco/Carrera. Boards to be installed on Ninco and Carrera lane exchangers, for lane change actuation with oXigen digital system. Compatible with Scalextric SSD cars. Chip replaces the original circuit when track wor

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SSD compatibility mode. Can be used together with Ninco / Carrera circuit as lane changer driver, in order to keep the compatibility with original system.Oxigen Digital System Slot racing digital system compatible with existing analog tracks and lap counters.2.4GHz Wireless - 20 cars per track - Up to 4 tracks - Open interface.

Oxygen will require 1x Oxygen chip per car, 1x controller with oxygen module per driver, 1x battery option per controller, 1x Oxygen lane changer module per ninco lane changer, and 1x power supply to replace the ninco digital powerbase. Swap in a dual polarity analog module, and you can run analog cars on any polarity analog track. ps. FAQs - Scorpius Wireless Unlike conventional digital systems, Scorpius does not use the slot rails to transfer digital information to cars or lane changers. Rather data is sent wirelessly at 2.4GHz in a digital form. It also allows customising of your power requirements easy without being restricted. Scalextric Forum - Lane changers

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Hi there, I would like to convert a scalextric sports track with scalextric lane changer straights and use slot it oxygen digital controllers with slotit car chips, am I correct in thinking that slot it car chips are compatible with scalextric lane changers ?

Documento senza titolo - SLOT.IT Lane changing is based on the robust and well tested SSD LED protocol developed by Hornby (used under licence). oXigen accessories like lane changers actually work very well with SSD cars. Specific modules can turn lane changers from Ninco and Carrera into oXigen or SSD lane changers, at small cost. O203a oXigen Lane Changer driver for Ninco/Carrera ...